eWalletXpress Poker Sites

The online poker players have a safe and convenient method of funding their online play via the eWalletXpress. The eWalletXpress is a virtual wallet, to which funds can be transferred from one’s bank account or through the credit card. This virtual wallet can then be used to make deposits or withdrawals from a poker game. Several online poker sites accept eWalletXpress payments and therefore, are called the eWalletXpress poker sites. The ease of funds transfer to and from online poker sites has made it convenient for players all over the world to play and make these transfers by the click of the mouse. Here are some of the eWalletXpress poker sites:

Cake Poker: this is a US friendly online poker site and is creating a stir in the online poker market. The site is seeing a steady rise of poker players and one may find several players online at the site at any given point of time. The site offers Gold Chip and Gold Card loyalty programs as a promotional offer. According to some experienced players, the chances of making high profits are very good at Cake Poker owing to the slightly weaker standard of play at the site. Therefore, those looking for a handsome return can surely try their luck at Cake Poker. The site accepts eWalletXpress transactions and therefore, deposits and withdrawals are quite convenient.

Carbon Poker: another of the very good eWalletXpress poker sites is the Carbon Poker, which offers fantastic graphics and is a US friendly poker site. This means that it accepts players from the US as well. The site has some very good animated graphics and the opponents are soft. The site offers some fantastic bonuses in a bid to attract new players and to an extent it has been successful in its attempt as the customer base of the site is steadily growing. There is a sign-up bonus along with extra bonus for using the eWalletXpress. The site offers an easy guide to make the eWalletXpress deposits and therefore, even new players find it easy to play here. The features and the profits offered by the site are simply amazing and anyone having little poker strategy can easily make good money playing at the site.

Doyle’s Room: another of the eWalletXpress sites open to the American players is the Doyle’s Room. Earlier the site did not accept the US players but now with their inclusion the site is seeing resurgence and their customer base is steadily growing. The players are offered a bonus and there is no fee on the deposits and withdrawals made through the eWalletXpress.

Bodog: another of the eWalletXpress poker sites, Bodog Poker offers quick software to play, instant cash bonus and several other features helpful for playing online poker. There is no waiting on withdrawals and there is safety, security and convenience of the transactions, making Bodog the best site amongst the other eWalletXpress poker sites.

PDC Poker and Absolute Poker are other eWalletXpress poker sites offering the players including ones from the US the convenience of playing online poker. Almost all eWalletXpress poker sites offer free deposits and withdrawals, which saves considerable money for players.