eCheck Poker Sites

There has been a revolution in terms of online payment and this is the reason that a constant modification is taking place in the poker online payment processors. There are some options left for eCheck poker deposits. Many sites are constantly trying to move towards accepting payment through eCheck poker deposits but this is still under process and the current selection is very limited. Fortunately for the poker players, the largest online poker portals accept payments through eCheck.

E-Checks are nothing but electronic checks which are processed by the poker rooms. A poker player can provide his account number and a routing number, which will enable transfer of funds through poker room cashier via ACH network. The player’s account is debited with the transferred amount but it takes around 7-10 days for the money to be deposited in the poker room’s wallet. But players do not need to wait for these many days to play. They can start their games and use the money that has been transferred immediately. E-Check is the best option for those who do not hold a credit card or have an e-wallet.

Advantages of eCheck poker deposits

  • This option is available to all US players
  • There is no need for the player to have a separate e-wallet. Every player has his personal checking account
  • The verification of the transaction is instant and there is no delay in confirmation of initiation of the transfer process
  • The best advantage is that there is no charge for this service. The other payment methods charge atrocious charges for deposits and withdrawing. Poker rooms generally don’t charge for eChecks
  • There are some disadvantages as well:
  • Limited availability
  • The actual cash outs are process takes 7-10 days which is a very long period for one transaction
  • Currently available only in US

E-Checks help the poker players to directly transfer the money from their bank accounts to the poker websites without any paper work or any other hassles. Most of the times players are forced to shell out premium charges to just transfer the funds. Some payment services charge for both deposits as well as withdrawals. This can be quite taxing. E-Check gives a big relief in these terms as the players are not charged anything.

The poker rooms also do not charge for this service.
At the moment, eCheck is not so popular and has been implemented only in limited poker rooms but other sites are also on their way for its implementation. But eCheck seems to be the future of online payment method.

As more and more poker rooms complete their implementation, it will become very popular. The player can concentrate on his game without worrying for the charges and having an extra burden on his mind to cover this amount as well from his game. At the same time, it is secure because just like a check it will be debited from your bank account only as per your direction. This will also prevent a player from taking credit.