888 Poker

888 Poker has been one of the leading providers when it comes to online poker software. Every year they update their software and this year is not any different. They have incorporated 100 new features which are both related to enhancements and new functions. Alongside this, they have incorporated a 3D experience which is second to none, making game play that little bit more exciting. Of course, they offer their services in a range of different languages (8 in total), including, but not limited to English, Spanish and German. The site also owns 888 casino which is an awesome casino site.

Get an exclusive 100% up to $400 first deposit bonus.

In fact, this year, the 888 Poker have introduced a social space. Players can add pictures, chat, post on the forms and much more.


The traffic at 888 Poker has always been particularly high. In fact, since competitors have pulled out of certain markets, the traffic has continued to increase. The great thing about 888 Poker is that whilst it does have a great mix of players; it is known for having a lot of fishes. This means that those that have decent experience when it comes to poker will have a chance of winning big, on regular occasions.


With bonuses many poker rooms would simply not exist and this is certainly the case with 888 Poker. In terms of the industry standard, a 100% match is usually what players expect, generally up to around $100. This is where 888 Poker differ again, offering players a $400 100% match on their first deposit. One thing that is noticeable is that they give players 25% of the bonus upfront, where as most other poker sites will make the individual work for it by placing wagers etc. Many of the bonuses are linked to major live tournaments which give amateurs the chance to cash in big.


The support that 888 Poker off is certainly not something that most people will expect. There are 3 different ways to get hold of customer support and they are all easy; email, phone and chat. This means that within a matter of minutes, problems are already being resolved by the support team.


888 Poker offers the ultimate poker experience. They offer easy ways to deposit, excellent bonuses and futuristic software which enhances the whole experience. That being said, all of this is backed up by an excellent support team, which means any problems are resolved quickly, which is what every poker player wants.